16 Years – Make Them Good Ones

In 16 years your child or grandchild could begin school(kindergarten)and graduate from college with a 4 year degree. In 16 years an adult learner has enough time to get a bachelors degree and 3 masters degrees. In 16 years one could walk around the earth (assuming one could walk on water) astonishingly more than 8.5 times!

16 years is also unfortunately the difference in average life expectancy of the North American truck driver.

So how did we get here? Late nights? High pressure deadlines? Convenience foods? No time for exercise?

The answer to these questions is both complicated and yet so very simple. While the pressures of making deadlines in our “just in time” system of logistics, combined with the prevalence of junk food in the coveted high visibility areas of truck stops are undeniable, it is ultimately up to each driver to be responsible for our own lifestyle choices.

A veggie tray with 2 hard-boiled eggs and a banana for dessert is as easy and convenient as fried chicken and a bag of chips, and also slightly cheaper. A cold bottle of water, or a delicious smoothie from your truck fridge is just as refreshing as a Coca-Cola on a hot summer day.

Eating healthy foods is only part of the equation, the second part is the dreaded “E” word – Exercise!! Did you know that 32 laps around a tractor trailer = 1 mile? How hard can that be? I bet doing 32 circle checks every day would do wonders for catching defects, ultimately leading to a safer truck, a safer drive and a healthier driver.

It’s never too late to change it around, eat healthy and get your exercise, and ask yourself one question. What will you do with those 16 years?

16 Years:Who will you spend it with?

16 Years:Who will you spend it with?

Until next time:Keep both hands on the wheel!!

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