Rainbow’s End?

Rainbow's End?

Rainbow’s End?

So this past week there were some developments on the Temporary Foreign Worker file. Essentially two of the sore points of the program were dealt with, however, like the illusory “end of the rainbow” the labour market balance between Canada’s unfilled jobs and the unemployed who fill them is unlikely to be found.

Firstly, the A-LMO is gone.

Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (A-LMO): According to HR legal experts Mathews Dinsdale LLP A positive A-LMO can be issued in as little as 10 days.

“This new initiative should help reduce some of the hassle associated with the use of temporary foreign workers, as it is intended to provide Canadian employers with quicker access to employees outside of Canada who possess skills that are in short supply.”

Hmmmn. I wonder what skills could be in short supply?

By the year 2020, the Conference Board of Canada estimates that the for-hire trucking industry will be short at least 25,000 drivers.

“If they are 38, they only have 30 years or something of driving years left in them,” said Vijay Gill, lead research for the Conference Board’s report.

Yikes! I guess I can only drive truck for another 30 years or so according to Vijay. Sucks, I was hoping to continue my driving career posthumously. Me and the other “GhostDrivers” would have taken a real bite out of that pesky driver shortage!

The other development was related to employee pay. Previously employers were allowed to pay TFW’s up to 15% less than the prevailing Canadian wage. Thankfully this has now been eliminated and no more employees are put at an economic disadvantage to their peers.

Some key facts from Statistics Canada:

338,189 TFW’S as of December 1 2012
Only 140,668 in 2005
36,680 TFW’s involved in Trades,Transport,Equipment Operators

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