Truckers Help Truckers

JacobHad a problem with my Iphone yesterday. The USB cord I use to charge it was NFG. This was a problem because I needed to contact my dispatch to let them know about a problem getting loaded. A young guy in the truck next to me, even though he switched to Android, still had an old cord that worked which he then gave to me. I charged my phone, made my call, problem solved.

I started wondering about how many times a day this must be repeated throughout North America. Not this specific incident but help in general. Ever helped someone having a hard time backing up? Been helped putting on tire chains? Given or been given directions?

I once stupidly added some coolant during my pretrip on a Prince George run and then forgot to replace the cap. I somehow made it up Jackass mountain with no trouble and went all the way to the climb above Clinton before all hell broke loose. Luckily an Alaska trucker named “Vin” was in the pullout and he had 2 jugs of coolant and 4 jugs of water. After a lengthy cooldown period and the sacrifice of an old t-shirt for a cap and all of my drinking water I was able to get to the Freightliner dealer in Williams Lake to get a new cap.

Vin wouldn’t take anything in return and his only comment was to “pay it forward”. Of course I have since and always will.

I actually think that I earned Vin’s help through Karma 3 weeks earlier when I helped a driver put out a trailer fire in the Sowaqua pullout after he’d heated up his brakes coming down the Smasher. He was pulling an asphalt recycler and there was a residue buildup underneath the trailer which the hot brakes ignited. It was a near thing though, myself, a four wheeler and the other driver each used up our extinguishers. Since we were outside the Hope fire protection area we were on our own.

I don’t know if there’s something about being a trucker that “makes” us help each other out, or if trucking naturally attracts helpful people. Either way if you need help, I’m there.

Now lets help each other get a big fat raise.

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