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Please...Watch Your Step.

Please…Watch Your Step.

Recently, while traveling through rural Alberta to pick up a container full of meat bound for Japan, I drove through Torrington AB. Now, Torrington not being a very large place is not very well known. In fact the little bit of information that is available (mostly Wikipedia) suggests that having once been a village, Torrington’s status has been reduced to a hamlet due to population decline.

At this point I have to say that it’s possible that the town’s claim to fame the “World Famous Gopher Hole Museum” may actually be driving the townsfolk away.

The reason behind my mentioning this is that perhaps small towns that are struggling to find ways to grow their economy may invest in attracting professional drivers to their town or village. Now I’m not likely to stop to visit the “World’s Largest Dragonfly” or a giant oil can or a novelty golf ball character.

But, I am likely to stop for a clean washroom, a chance at some local home cooking, or a place to buy a cup of coffee. Knowing that I would love to get off the road long enough to work the kinks out of my back, you would think that there would be hundreds of places to accomplish this. Alas this is not so.

If you’re a Mayor or Councillor of a struggling small town, why not take a chance and install some amenities? Most of the truck stops in western Canada are chock full and finding a place to pull off the road for refreshments can be very difficult. Invest in your town and you will reap the rewards.

Until next time:Keep both hands on the wheel!

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